Social Breastfeeding takes on Facebook

On Monday 6th February 2012 at 10.00am Facebook offices worldwide will be the focus of  breastfeeding women and their supporters. Earlier this month Facebook removed photos of Vancover mum Emma Kwasnica breastfeeding her children classing the photos as “sexually explicit”. Not surprisingly this has angered mums worldwide and again questioned the public perception of breastfeeding and especially social breastfeeding.

italian elle on babble

Emma Kwasnica is not the first mother to have had breastfeeding photos removed from Facebook, according to the website, 391 people are recorded as having had breastfeeding photos removed by Facebook.

The International Facebook Nurse-In is one of a growing number of protests that have been occurring in recent months as new mums ask not to be harassed and disapproved of as they feed their children. The most high profile recent event was the nurse-in that occurred in Target stores across America after a mum was asked to move whilst feeding her baby and there is the Great Nurse-In planned for August this year in Washington.

The International Facebook Nurse-In is planned for all Facebook offices from 10am to 1pm on 6th February, there is also a Virtual Facebook Nurse-In page where people that cannot attend one of the nurse-ins are posting photos of themselves breastfeeding


5 thoughts on “Social Breastfeeding takes on Facebook

      • I’m not sure how they went…The one closest to us was 3 hrs away and a tough drive through snow. The organizer cancelled for our location. I’ll have to check out the news clips. I’m down to do a nurse-in in a couple of months 🙂 Until then, the virtual nurse-in continues! Please share if you come across any good info

      • I wrote a post on the 7th February pulling together all the news reports I could find about the nurse-ins. I think a few suffered due to weather, unfortunately 😦 What is the nurse-in you’re doing in a couple of months? I’ll happily write about it.

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